FAQ’s Keysave

How does the service work?
We’ve developed a specially adapted 3D scanning procedure so that you can scan your keys. Once your keys have been scanned, the scan is put on a secure server, which you have a unique access code to. So that when you’ve lost your key(s) you just logon and download the file and 3D print it, either at 3D printers nearby, or at a friend’s that is lucky enough to own a 3D printer.

When and where do I get my keys scanned?
Once you have signed up for the Keysave program, we will inform you of a date and place, where you can come to get your keys scanned. We’ll keep you posted in time!

Can I scan all my keys?
At our scanning session, every pre-registered individual will be allowed to scan a certain number of his or her keys. We will of course not scan protected keys, unless you have the code for your key.
Car keys may prove to be difficult if they are attached to fobs but older car model keys will be scanable.

Where are my keys stocked?
Your keys will be stocked, in their digital form in a super secure server in the cloud, where cyber ninja’s will protect them from any possible kind of theft. Your keys are also stored under a numerical file, so should the ninja’s be defeated, no one will ever know what that key is for. Also ninja’s can never be defeated.

Is it safe?
Yes very safe. Fullproof safe. We’ll never refer to you by name, so your keys won’t be traceable to you. Also when downloading your key you will be asked for a secret question that only you or your girlfriend, wife or life partner should know.

How do I download them?
To download your key, once it’s been scanned, access the website from a pc or mobile device with your special user name and password that we will give you during the scanning process. Choose the key you want to download and print, click download and hey presto.

What format is the key in?
The 3D files of your keys will be in .stl, the best format for 3D printing.

Where’s the best place to print my keys?
You can either print them at a local 3D print shop, or at someone’s you’re lucky enough to know that has a 3D printer, or simply online at sites like

What type of plastic should I use when printing?
If you’re just going to reproduce the key in metal anyway, any plastic will do.If you wish to use the key for sometime, please ask your printer to change from ABS or PLA to Nylon, as this makes a stronger object.

Can I use my 3D printed key forever?
It’s plastic, your lock is metal, there’s going to be wear and tear. We would recommend using the key’s that you print for emergency situations, or send the scan to 3D printing companies that can print metal and hard plastics.

Can I 3D scan my keys and upload them my self?
Nope. We have to be able to guarantee the quality.

How much does this cost?
The costs are calculated at the moment and will be launched in September.

Can I upload anything else there?

If you have any more questions, about the Keysave or about the technical miracle that we’ve created or just because you’re bored and read the FAQ all the way through, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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